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Welcome to Chamonix Direct


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Our center of interest over the last ten years has been two fold.


To provide a dedicated, friendly and efficient service for people wishing to rent good quality, well cleaned,

self catering apartments in the Chamonix valley for the dates that they require.

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To apply the same qualities to the property management services we provide to the growing number of apartment and chalet owners within the valley who trust and appreciate both the quality of our personalised product, and our guests who use their apartments.



In terms of self catering apartment rental we are pleased and flattered to see that the above combination and the unique pull of Chamonix encourage between 60% and 70% of our self catering apartment clients to repeat their Chamonix Direct experience. It is also encouraging to hear owners use 'bespoke services' and Chamonix Direct in the same sentence as they pass on our details to friends.

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We trust you will find the information on these pages useful in your search for self catering apartment rental or property management services and we look forward to hearing from you.


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The Chamonix Valley


Chamonix is renowned world wide as the capital of Alpinisme.





Ever since the realisation that mountains and glaciers could provide pleasure, visually, contemplatively and even sportively, the confines of the valley of Chamonix have been opened up to welcome the curious from all disciplines. Poets, artists, adventurers, political and religious leaders, famous sportsmen, and the not so famous, are still drawn to this striking valley. You name it, they've been here and many come back more than once.


Where else in the world can one stand in a hospitable valley floor, at the foot of several summits higher than 4000m, in around an hours comfortable drive from the nearest international airport and contemplate what strenuous physical activity you are going to put your body through on the following days, whilst gently nursing the beverage of your choice as the sun's last rays slip off the top of

the Mont Blanc?


There seems something inevitable about the pull of the Valley.  Who hasn't heard of it? Who hasn't dreamed of experiencing the Chamonix champagne powder? Who stubbornly rejects again and again the idea of visiting the mountain sports mecca year after year? (Don't worry, when you finally take the plunge I don't think you will regret it).


As the office de tourisme of the valley put it somewhat blatantly a few years back in one of it's winter advertising campaigns:


'One day you will ski Chamonix'



Ski areas








Chamonix Ski areas



Welcome to the ski areas of the Chamonix Valley, one of the first things that stands out here are the amazing views, no matter where one skis, the visual returns are high. During your holiday you will find the necessary prerequisites for some of the most amazing skiing for all levels, from beginner through intermediate to expert.


There is no shortage of skiable areas in the Chamonix Valley domaine. The choice of terrain is impressive, south facing, north facing, high, low, gentle, steep, very steep and positively flat.


Five large ski areas, Le Tour, at the head of the valley, Les Grands Montets, above the village of Argentière, La Flégère, and it's cable car from the village of Les Praz, which is linked to Le Brevent perched above Chamonix and at the exit to the valley Les Houches.


There are eight smaller ski areas at the base of the valley and include, La Poya, La Vormaine, Les Chosalets, Les Planards, Le Savoy, Les Pelerins, Les Bossons and Le Tourchet.


Not to mention famous off piste runs such as La Vallée Blanche, Le Pas de Chevre, le Rectiligne, Le couloir d l'Ensa and etc.


For someone who has spent 17 years in Chamonix, perfecting his own technique, teaching his children to ski and occasionally enjoying the ubiquitous sublime offpiste I feel I can say that this place is quite simply amazing.


Learning to master ones skis, or board, is a continual adaption to the terrain,  snow conditions and visibility, taking into account one's own physical shape and technical baggage. Add the Inner ski buffs missing semi-mystic properties of belief, self confidence and enjoyment to the equation, et voila, the neccesary ingredients united to enable us to ski like gods on a good day or well, struggle like floundered fish on a not so good one.


If confidence grows on success then terrrain is an important choice in fueling the belief that as an accomplished adult, fear less youth or keen kid, we can master a sport that is for some as easy as walking.


For me there is little doubt that Chamonix's diverse ski domaine and intelligent use of it will provide you with some of the best slopes available for progressing and mastering the art of skiing and have a lot of fun doing it.



Le Tour, Les Grand Montets, La Flégère, Le Brevent and Les Houches.






We are hoping to be able to keep this page up to date, particularly during the busier times of the season, based on either our own recent observations, those of present clients or thanks to our personal contacts within the Compagnie du Mont Blanc.


If you require more information please feel free to send us an e-mail and we will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.


Saturday 6th January 2007

Argentière. Report received 10h23 local time.


Blue skies. Well groomed pistes from top to bottom. -6°C at Bochard. No Wind


Grands Montets open in the day.

Avalanche risk 4 on Grand Montets, 3 on Bochard.



Friday 5th January 2007

Argentière. Report received 09h49 local time.

"Perfectly blue sky, wind blown snow at top of Bochard. -6°C at Bochard.

Hard, groomed pistes, softer lower down.

Grands Montets not open.

Les Aroles and retour Pendant to open in the day,

Great skiing.

Avalanche danger between 3 and 4."

Be careful!



About us




This is the seventh year we have the pleasure of personally welcoming our clients and our client's clients to the chalets and apartments we rent within the Chamonix Valley.

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Our small family run company has built up an impressive portfolio of unique self catering apartments that provide some of the best locations from which to enjoy your self catered holidays, whether winter or summer.

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We are pleased that the combination of the apartments we manage and the personal service we provide encourages a very high level of repeat booking which confirms our trading philosophy.

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As we are a small company our clients know they are special to us and we do our utmost to fulfil their requirements in every possible way.

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Our apartment owners appreciate this relationship as this ensures we take good care of their properties which in turn maintains high standards.



With twenty years experience in the tourist industry we know what is important. Secure in this knowledge we choose to specialise in one aspect rather than dividing our energy and commitment to many.